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Streamlining Data Into Actionable, Usable Reports for Your Business.

Consolidated Reporting

Unlock Reporting Value Through IBM i, ERP, and More

Whether it’s tracking inventory, distribution, and logistics, or reviewing sales summaries, etc., having critical insights into your company’s core data enables you to make smarter business decisions.

At the heart of our digital integration expertise lies a commitment to revolutionizing IBM i and LANSA experiences. Our prime focus is on empowering clients with cutting-edge solutions like WebQuery and WebFOCUS, delivering real-time web-based reporting tailored for users at any technical proficiency level.

The Benefits of Automatic Reporting

Time Efficiency

Automatic reporting liberates valuable time, enabling your team to focus on strategic decision-making rather than tedious manual data compilation.

Tailored Precision

Save settings effortlessly by implementing bursting capabilities. Each individual receives only the data they need, delivered right to their inbox, ensuring a customized and efficient reporting experience.


Automatic reporting translates directly to cost savings. By reducing the man-hours spent on manual reporting, your organization optimizes resources, ultimately leading to financial benefits.

Data Consistency

Automatic reporting guarantees consistency in data pulls over predefined periods. Whether it's a weekly overview or a monthly analysis, the data remains reliable and uniform.

Set It & Forget It

The beauty of automatic reporting lies in its 'set it and forget it' functionality. Once configured, the system seamlessly operates in the background, ensuring a steady flow of crucial information without constant manual intervention.

Inclusive Accesibility

Automatic reporting acts as an inclusive solution, ensuring that all necessary stakeholders have timely access to reports. From executives to front-line staff, everyone remains well-informed and equipped for data-driven decision-making.

Versatility in Delivery

Enjoy the flexibility of choosing from a variety of delivery methods based on your specific needs. Whether it's Excel sheets for in-depth analysis or PDFs for easy sharing, automatic reporting adapts to your preferences seamlessly.

BDK's Business Analytics Expertise

Our seasoned team boasts expertise across diverse domains, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your business needs.

Our experts specialize in a host of applications, including IBM i, SQL, RPG, WebFOCUS, WebQuery, Visual Basic, C#, Javascript, Python, etc. 

We also have extensive experience supporting ERP, EDI, Finance, Accounting, Manufacturing, Distribution, Logistics, Sales, etc.

Client Success Story - Manufacturing Client


Our client needed a better way to aggregate data across their different locations and products. They had someone compiling and distributing reports manually, and providing specific data by stakeholder was not possible. 


Using WebQuery, BDK implemented both push and pull automated reporting capabilities. Reports are set up to pull data over a set period of time, can be drilled down for information, and individual reports are sent to stakeholders, via email. 


Since enacting an automatic reporting solution:

  • 180 reports are now automatically handled.
  • Users can drill down specific information needed.
  • Major cost savings (labor, not overbuying product, etc.).
  • Enabled to make smarter business decisions (e.g., sales for certain products).

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In an era where time is of the essence, resources are precious, and data is power, automatic reporting emerges as the linchpin that ties efficiency, precision, and accessibility into a seamless package. Elevate your reporting capabilities with BDK – where automation meets intelligence.

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