Cloud Hosting

Protect your data, enable redundancy, and avoid downtime with BDK's cloud hosting solutions.

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Moving to The Cloud

Unlock Business Potential with Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a powerful and flexible solution that has transformed the way businesses and individuals manage their data and applications. Whether you own a small business or run a global organization, BDK offers cloud hosting solutions to ensure your data remains secure and available.

With BDK’s expertise, data center network, flexibility, and infrastructure, our customers are safeguarded from equipment failure, hacking, phishing, and data loss. Our solutions equip them to maintain operations no matter what. 

BDK Private Cloud Facility Locations

  • Highly Secure
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring
  • Biometric Entry
  • Tier 4 – Has 2 independent Electrical Feeds
  • Meets Federal Security Standards (DOD, AFTP, DCID)
  • Certifications: ISO9001, PCI, ISAE 3402(extension and expansion of SAS 70), SSAE16 (SOC1 – SOC2 – SOC3)
  • On ramps to IBM, Azure, and AWS Cloud

Benefits of the Cloud for Your Business

Better Flexibility & Access to Data

With the Cloud, easily and securely access your data anytime, anywhere. This includes the ability to accessed files from numerous devices, share files with others, and edit documents online. Through the Cloud, you can with others who are remote or in a different location.

More Secure Than On-Site

With most data breaches occurring inside your own business, using top-of-the-line infrastructure is safer than traditional on-premise hosting. Hosting off-site helps mitigate risk should your internal network be breached.

Affordable & Scalable

Cloud hosting helps businesses avoid the enormous expense of buying and maintaining your own hardware. Further, with the right provider, you can secure as much or as little space as need in a data center to host you applications.

Avoid Downtime with Redundancy

Moving your data to the cloud enables you to make multiple copies to be kept in separate, secure data centers. Should a data center go down, you can still access your data via another server—ensuring no to minimal disruption to operations.

Premier Cloud Hosting Infrastructure

When it comes to the Cloud, infrastructure matters, so you want to ensure your cloud hosting provider uses industry-leading, best-in-class infrastructure. BDK has years of experience supporting IBM power servers (formerly AS/400), and maintains our own hardware in state-of-the-art Tier 3 and 4 data centers.

Benefits of BDK's Cloud Hosting Solution

Decades of Hosting Expertise

BDK’s Data Center team is best at their craft. The team consists of high-level IT experts who are intelligent, talented, and able to pick up on new technologies quickly. The more than six decades of IT experience our employees possess demonstrate their general thirst for doing this type of work. BDK continues to grow and shift as the industry does and needs for our customers evolve.

Proprietary, Flexible Solutions

BDK has the ability to host on any operating system. Whether you are looking to use IBM i, Linux, Windows, etc., BDK can provide dedicated server space that is proprietary to your business. Whatever your needs are, we can adjust our solution without compromising security or integrity following best practices.

Business Continuity Planning & HA

Most businesses say they have a disaster recovery plan- but have you ever put it into action? BDK uses high availability and proactively tests our fail overs outside of core business hours to ensure if the primary server goes down, the redundant server picks it up. This allows your business to remain operational while things are fixed.

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Never Lose Access to Your Data Again

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