The Cloud: Why You Need It

Put simply, “The Cloud” refers to off-site hosting that makes your software, data, and files accessible to you on any device, anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. You may not realize it, but you’re likely already operating in the cloud. If you use G Suite by Google, Office 365 from Microsoft, QuickBooks online, or any number of other online applications, you’re using cloud-hosted technology. 

With the current work landscape experiencing more people working remotely or in different locations, the Cloud is the main place where today’s businesses operate. Below are four main reasons why you need the Cloud and the benefits it can offer your business with the right hosting provider.  


The Cloud Offers more Flexibility and Accessibility to Your Company’s Data. 

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of hosting your data in the Cloud is how easily and securely you can access your data, anytime, anywhere. This includes the ability to accessed files from numerous devices, share files with others, edit documents online, and work online with others who are remote or are in a different location. To help ensure only the right people have access to your data and files, it is recommended you set up two-factor authentication or use a Cloud VPN. 

The Cloud is More Secure than Keeping Data On-Site.

It is a common myth that data stored in the cloud is automatically more vulnerable. The reality is that properly managed cloud hosting that uses top-of-the-line infrastructure is actually more secure​ than traditional on-premise hosting. This is because most data breaches occur inside your own business. Perhaps an employee clicks a malicious link in their email or opens a compromised jump drive on their desktop. When this happens on a desktop computer that is directly connected to a server in your building, your network is breached immediately.

The risk can be mitigated by hosting your network on an outside server. When proper authentication protocols are in place, it’s easier to stop viruses and malware from spreading through your network.

The Cloud Provides Affordable, Scalable Solutions for Your Business. 

Cloud hosting is especially beneficial for small businesses. It helps you avoid the enormous expense of buying and maintaining your own hardware. Additionally, with the right cloud hosting provider, you can secure as much or as little space as needed in their data center to host your applications. When it comes to the Cloud, infrastructure matters, so you want to ensure your cloud hosting provider uses industry-leading, best-in-class infrastructure, like IBM power servers.

The Cloud Enables Redundancy to Avoid Downtime When Issues Happen. 

An important element of moving your data to the Cloud is it not only allows you to move your data offsite, but enables you to make multiple copies to be kept in separate, secure data centers. Should a data center go down or be offline, you can still access your data via another server—ensuring no to minimal disruption to business operations. Further, it’s better if these data centers are in completely different locations, should the outage be long term due to a fire, hurricane, etc., and ensure you have a cloud-hosting provider who can restore your data and systems quickly. 


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